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Shipping & Returns

Can I pass it where I work or where else?

Of course. When ordering, specify the address only when delivered. We also need your billing address for payment processing. Remember, it is your responsibility to ensure that a shipment is the ability of the intended and accepted product, especially if it has a certain brand of spacecraft. Keep in mind the following:

We do not accept parcels or mail at airports - boxes or cancel orders and are fully refundable provided that all canceled product checks have been canceled.

Orders can be sent to shipping companies, hotels and hotels marked with the name of the house for the purpose of identifying the storage and operating company. However, they did not take the damaged goods to return to the name of one of the items

Return and replace yourself

If for some reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can not return it to its original state and return the entire product price within 28 days of receiving the original package.

If the product is not innocent or received in the original, it is not delivered within 28 days of receiving the original packaging. Therefore, we can not guarantee return or exchange.

We can not accept any damages or loss of claims and debts during transportation. WARNING: This product is packed to prevent injury, consignment or courier. Sending evidence is not accepted as proof of delivery. When reimbursing costs on behalf of the user. Upon return home, you will cancel the cost of the goods you have submitted.

You must carefully choose the size ...

We can not exchange shoes for a smaller price, the correct shipping costs. First, you must send us back or replace the product for the right product. This policy will receive a tax rate of 20% on the basis of's judgment on spending. You can expect to return the original form within 30 days of receipt of the refund or seven days in advance. Traffic and administration costs are not refunded (1) Delivery of data packages (including owner failure to find a customer to be returned to the sender or leave as a result of the decision) (2) was denied or (3) Order the goods that are shipped together. Any pending or declined orders are considered a return and a return to the project with the same strategy.

If you have a damaged, defective or incorrect product, we will refund the shipping charges. We will make every effort to restore it quickly with minimal inconvenience. From the date of submission, we will be happy to return the same item within 30 days. If you wish to return, the amount of damages, defects or errors is fully paid including shipping.